By Emily Klinga

In 2020, all was quiet on the shoreline of Florida’s most western barrier island. Although the tourism industry was met with an unwelcomed setback in 2020, it did not stop some devout Perdido Key goers from visiting their favorite barrier Island for an escape from the insides of their homes or to work remotely with a pleasant change of scenery.

If you’re going to Vac-quarant-ation anywhere, you might as well do it in a place where there is plenty of sunshine, salt air, and a small business economy to support- what more could you ask for? When planning your next trip to Perdido Key- rest assured that despite the recent year’s surprises, there are still plenty of activities and ways to make the perfect vacation in Perdido.

Book and Make Reservations Early!

One way to make for a stress-free trip to Perdido Key is to book your daily itinerary plans early. Research the different activities available around the island and book your stay, make reservations, and coordinate your kayak rentals before your trip. This is not only going to help you experience the most during your stay in Perdido, but it is also a great way to support the small business owners who keep the Perdido community afloat. You may even be able to score a great deal for booking early!

Added bonus- reservations and rental bookings can make for a much safer experience when it comes to following any health and safety protocols that may be in place.

No lack of Fresh Air and Sunshine for your daily activities!

Perdido Key is built on the premise of enjoying the great outdoors. Whether that takes you on a casual sunset sailing cruise on the intercoastal, fishing for snapper in the gulf, getting lost while biking around local parks, or just soaking in the rich vitamin D- sunshine on the crystal white sand beaches, Perdido Key has plenty of space to enjoy your island escape.

Added Bonus- Sunshine kills bacteria, look it up.

Work Remotely with a Dreamy Office View

If you are going to work from home, you might as well pick up that home office and work from the comfort of your very own luxury suite overlooking the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Most rentals nowadays come with high-speed internet, so you can show off your classy condo during Zoom meetings while having the luxury of walking right onto the beach once you are off the clock.

Added Bonus- You can get fresh oysters and shrimp po-boys for lunch every day.

Shopping Small and Eating Big

A coastal community built on the foundation of over 90% small businesses, it is so easy to support a local business owner in Perdido Key. After the 2020 pandemic, many people realized just how important it is to shop small after watching their favorite mom-and-pop shop shut their doors for good. In Perdido Key, there are plenty of small eateries and shops to support during your stay. Some restaurants will even have their own twist on a local favorite. The only way to find out which place has your favorite Bushwacker or the best grouper Rueben would be to try them all!

Added Bonus- The local shops in Perdido Key often carry items from local Perdido Artists. Supporting local art and businesses is a WIN-WIN!

If the past year has taught us anything, we have learned to enjoy the little moments we have with family and friends, experience the great outdoors, and support local businesses as though they are extended family. Perdido Key radiates with just the kind of positivity we all need when feeling the quarantine blues. Treat yourself to a little sunshine, salt air, and scenic beaches this year, with a Perdido Key island experience!

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